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Story Behind The The Terror of War: Nick Ut's Napalm Girl

Der vietnamesische Fotograf Nick Út machte die berühmte Aufnahme, das als World Press Photo des Jahres 1972 ausgezeichnet wurde und im Jahr darauf den Pulitzer-Preis gewann. Als Napalm. Er machte 1972 als Kriegsreporter in Vietnam ein Foto (The Terror of War), das vor einem irrtümlichen südvietnamesischen Napalmangriff fliehende vietnamesische Kinder zeigt. Dieses Foto gilt als Medienikone und machte den Fotografen weltbekannt Bei vielen Menschen hat sich das Bild des nackten Mädchens Kim Phúc dauerhaft in ihr visuelles Gedächtnis eingebrannt. Gisèle Freund prophezeite 1979, das Foto werde für immer im Gedächtnis jener bleiben, die es gesehen haben. 1 Für Phillip Knightley ist das Bild des auch als napalm girl bezeichneten Mädchens one of the most iconic war images of all time. 2 Ein vom. I wanted to stop this war, I hated war. My brother told me I hope one day you have a picture to stops the war - Nick UT On June 8, 1972 Nick Ut took just a..

His best-known photo features a naked 9-year-old girl, Phan Thị Kim Phúc, running toward the camera from a South Vietnamese napalm strike that mistakenly hit Trảng Bàng village instead of nearby North Vietnamese troops WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist is not angry, thanks Norway and all his supporters around the worl Breadcrumb Trail Links. World; News; The extraordinary photos of Nick Ut, famous for 'Napalm Girl' picture, as he leaves his job of 51 years. The Pulitzer Prize-winner is retiring from the. Huynh Cong - known professionally as Nick Ut, is widely celebrated as the 'Napalm Girl' photographer, for taking the iconic image of the 9-year-girl running naked after an aerial napalm.

Phan Thị Kim Phúc OOnt (Vietnamese pronunciation: [faːŋ tʰɪ̂ˀ kim fúk͡p̚]; born April 6, 1963), referred to informally as the Napalm girl, is a South Vietnamese -born Canadian woman best known as the nine-year-old child depicted in the Pulitzer Prize -winning photograph taken at Trảng Bàng during the Vietnam War on June 8, 1972 In Conversation With Nick Ut, Whose 'Napalm Girl' Photograph Changed the Course of Vietnam War The iconic photograph fetched Ut the Pulitzer Prize and the World Press Photo Award, and is a tribute.. NASHVILLE — On June 8, 1972, Nick Ut, a Vietnamese photographer working for The Associated Press, shot a now-iconic photo of children fleeing napalm mistakenly dropped on their village by South.. I imagine that many of you, good students of photojournalism, are familiar with the uncropped version of Nick Ut's Napalm Girl. In Googling it, I can see it gets mentioned from time to time. Still, I'd never seen it before this week. (It's also a curious image to discover with all the thematically disparate photos of the Syrian crisis circuiting now.) I have to think this is one of. On June 8, 1972, Associated Press photographer Nick Ut was outside Trang Bang, about 25 miles northwest of Saigon, when the South Vietnamese air force mistakenly dropped a load of napalm on the village. As the Vietnamese photographer took pictures of the carnage, he saw a group of children and soldiers along with a screaming naked girl running up the highway toward him. Ut wondered, Why doesn.

Phan Thị Kim Phúc, O.Ont (* 2. April 1963 in Trảng Bàng, Provinz Tây Ninh, Vietnam) ist ein Opfer des Vietnamkrieges.Sie erlitt bei einem Napalm-Angriff südvietnamesischer Flugzeuge am 8. Juni 1972 schwere Verbrennungen. Während die damals Neunjährige nackt aus dem Ort Trảng Bàng floh, wurde sie vom Pressefotografen Nick Út fotografiert 1972 Napalm Girl Photo, Photographer Nick Ut. On June 8, 1972, AP Photographer Nick Ut captured what would become a Pulitzer Prize winning photo depicting children fleeing from a Napalm bombing during the Vietnam War. In the center of the frame running towards the camera was a nake Show More. Home Login Register. Display: All. All; 20; 40; 60; 80; 100; Displaying 1 - 40 of 40 Results. Prev. Der AP-Fotograf Nick Ut war im Vietnam-Krieg an vorderster Front unterwegs und lieferte der Welt in den 70er beeindruckend-bedrückende Bilder über die Kriegsschauplätze, Kämpfe und Bomben. Das wohl bekannteste Bild diese Sammlung heißt Napalm Girl. Er spricht über die Entstehung des Bildes, über die heutige Beziehung zu der mittlerweile erwachsenen Kim, über seinen Bruder, der Ende. After 37 years of marriage, he and his wife have two grown children, a boy and girl, and a grandson who takes Ut's Napalm Girl to school for show-and-tell. II. At the Calabasas pet cemetery, Ut.

Dresdner Friedenspreis: Das „Napalm-Girl ist eine lebende

  1. RELATED: Nick Ut, Photographer Behind 'Napalm Girl' Picture, Announces Retirement After seeing the burns on Phúc's back and arms, Ut says he poured water on her wounds and carried her to his car
  2. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Associated Press photographer Nick Ut is retiring after 51 years of taking pictures from the front lines of the Vietnam War to the red carpets of Hollywood. Ut won the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for his photo of a burning little girl fleeing a napalm bomb attack on her village. His last day with the AP is Wednesday
  3. Ho Van Bon and Ho Thi Ting, Kim Phuc's cousins, to the right of Kim Phuc in the famous Nick Ut napalm girl photo, seen here in 2014 in Trang Bang. Photograph by Mark Edward Harris
  4. Nick Ut, AP photographer behind 'Napalm Girl,' to retire By JOHN ROGERS March 13, 2017 GMT FILE - In this June 8, 1972 file photo taken by Huynh Cong Nick' Ut, South Vietnamese forces follow terrified children, including 9-year-old Kim Phuc, center, as they run down Route 1 near Trang Bang after an aerial napalm attack on suspected Viet Cong hiding places
  5. LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Prolific photographer Nick Ut, best known for the iconic napalm girl image, is retiring. It was 1972. The United States was bogged down in the Vietnam War, and then this..

Napalm Girl: The Surprising Story Behind The Iconic Phot

Nick Ut and Kim Phuc with the iconic picture (Image: Steve Allen) Read More Related Articles. Facebook reverses decision to censor naked Vietnam war 'Napalm girl' picture after Mark Zuckerberg was. Phúc, known as the napalm girl from Nick Ut's Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph that captured her naked and in agony, was on the UW-Madison campus with him Saturday to share her story of a past of hate and bitterness replaced by a life of happiness and forgiveness Als internationale Friedensaktivistin wird die 55-jährige Kim Phuc für ihren unermüdlichen Einsatz für Versöhnung und Vergebung geehrt. Die Vietnamesin war durch ein Foto von Nick Ut weltberühmt geworden. Es zeigt sie 1972 als Neunjährige auf einer Straße - nackt und schreiend mit von Napalm verbrannten Wunden Nick Út working as a war correspondent for AP in 1972. Nick was working for the Associated Press at the time he snapped the famous Napalm Girl photo. His photograph won a Pulitzer Prize in 1972 and was named a picture that changed the war in Vietnam. Nick's love for photography came from his brother, a former A.P. photographer. He was.

Nick Ut on His 'Napalm Girl' Photograph, 42 Years Later: 'Never in My Life Have I Seen What I Saw' this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines Nick Ut's photograph, called The Napalm Girl, changed world opinion on the US's involvement in the Vietnam War; Ut, in New Delhi, on a recent visit Image: Nick Ut Sometimes, a single moment. Her clothes had been burned from her body by an accidental napalm drop by South Vietnamese forces. As she ran, photographer Nick Ut captured the iconic image that would come to represent the..

Kim Phúc will speak Saturday at UW-Madison about her experience on the 47th anniversary of the napalm attack that her village experienced during the Vietnam War. Nick Ut, the photographer who captured an iconic war image of Phúc's pain and desperation, will make a special appearance The campus community recently welcomed Kim Phuc, The Girl in the Picture, as the 2016 speaker for the Ware Lecture on Peacemaking. Phuc was just nine years old in 1972 when the Americans and the South Vietnamese Air Force dropped napalm bombs on her village near Saigon

Nick Ut is the Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photojournalist who shot the iconic Vietnam War photo that most people refer to as Napalm Girl. PetaPixel: Ca Nick Ut won a Pulitzer Prize for this photo of Phan Thi Kim Phuc, center, as she and other Vietnamese children fled an aerial napalm attack on June 8, 1972. (Nick Ut / Associated Press) 5 / 12 Phan..

Phan Thi Kim Phuc, left, is visited by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut at her home in Trang Bang, Vietnam, 1973. As a nine-year-old, Kim Phuc was the subject of a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo by Ut as she fled in pain from a misdirected napalm attack against her village by South Vietnamese planes in 1972 Nick Ut, a seasoned war photographer despite his youth, checks his gear. Flak jacket. Cameras. Lenses. Film. Snacks. Uniform to match that of South Vietnamese troops. With the overnight curfew lifted, Ut climbs into a van outside the AP bureau and tells the driver to head toward Highway 1. Their destination is Trang Bang, 25 miles from the capital. Ut settles in, appreciative of the air.

Despite her initial reaction, Kim says she is now thankful to be known as the Napalm Girl and is close friends with Nick Ut who captured the image. I see my picture as a powerful gift. Foto: dpa/Nick Ut Dresden Die Vietnamesin Kim Phuc Phan Thi, 1972 durch ein Foto als Napalm-Mädchen berühmt geworden, hat am Montag den 10. Internationalen Dresdner Friedenspreis erhalten One of them was nine-year-old Phuc who, in a moment captured by photographer Nick Ut, was shown screaming as she ran naked down the road, having stripped off her clothes to rid herself of the.. 'Napalm girl' Kim Phuc receives German prize for peace work naked and severely burned was captured by the Associated Press photographer Nick Ut, who won a Pulitzer prize for the image in.

Vietnam War 'Napalm Girl' Kim Phuc Starts Laser Treatments

Photojournalist Nick Ut and Kim Phuc Phan Thi pose for pictures at the 40th Anniversary Tribute Dinner in Honor of Kim Phuc Phan Thi in Toronto, June 8, 2012. In 1972, Ut took the iconic Vietnam. Former U.S. President Richard Nixon privately wondered whether a famous photograph of a Vietnamese girl running from a napalm attack had been staged, newly released White House tape recordings show

Ein Foto schreibt Geschichte: Das Napalm-Mädchen von

Friedenspreis für Napalm Girl: Den Schmerz spürt sie jeden Tag Von Stefan Locke und Quynh Tran , Dresden - Aktualisiert am 11.02.2019 - 19:1 AP 'napalm girl' photo from Vietnam War turns 40. MARGIE MASON , Associated Press • June 4, 2012. 1 / 19. FILE - In this June 8, 1972 file photo, crying children, including 9-year-old Kim Phuc, center, run down Route 1 near Trang Bang, Vietnam after an aerial napalm attack on suspected Viet Cong hiding places as South Vietnamese forces from the 25th Division walk behind them. A South.

Vietnamkrieg: Die ganze Story um das Foto vom Napalm

Nick Ut; Vietnam; Napalm Girl; Related to this collection. Most Popular. National. Virus by the numbers: These charts show you how, where the virus spreads. Apr 19, 2020; See for yourself how and. Nick Ut/AP Photo In this Sept. 27, 2015 photo, Kim Phuc shows the burn scars on her back and arms after laser treatments in Miami that caused by a napalm bomb in Vietnam more than 40 years ago N early 50 years after the shocking photo made her known to the world as Napalm Girl, Kim Kim was placed in the international spotlight when Associated Press photographer Nick Ut. Der Kriegsreporter Nick Ut fotografierte, wie die Neunjährige nach dem Napalm-Angriff nackt und schreiend vor Schmerzen über eine Straße läuft, im Hintergrund dicker Qualm. Kim Phuc wird für ihr.. AP photographer Nick Ut captured what would become a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo depicting children fleeing from a napalm bombing during the Vietnam War. In the center of the frame, running towards the camera, was a naked 9-year-old girl, Phan Thị Kim Phúc, who came to be known as napalm girl

Nearly 40 years have passed since an Associated Press photographer, Nick Ut, The napalm girl image figured in a recent New York Times obituary about Horst Faas, a gruff, German-born photographer who spent years in Vietnam, covering the conflict for the AP. Faas won two Pulitzer Prizes for his work in Vietnam and, later, in Bangladesh. And he was instrumental in making sure the AP mo Sie war neun Jahre alt, als die Vietnamesin Phan Thi Kim Phúc 1972 vor einem Luftangriff floh, nackt, schreiend, verbrannt. Das Foto ging als Anklage gegen den Krieg um die Welt

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Nick Ut stood on a road in a village just outside of Saigon when he spotted the girl — naked, scorched by napalm and screaming as she ran. He raised his camera and snapped the photo that changed. Banksy, Napalm Girl ,2004 , Screen print on Paper Banksy's Napalm Girl has been created by using a pre-existing image from Vietnam in 1972. The original image seen below displays a girl named Phan Thi Kim Phuc fleeing from a Napalm attack on her village.The original photograph was taken by Press photographer Nick Ut title

Die Geschichte hinter dem Foto Zeithistorische Forschunge

Napalm Girl, by Nick Ut, 1972 won the World Press Photo of the Year for 1972 and a Pulitzer Prize. Tropas Soldados Guerra De Vietnam La Segunda Guerra Imágenes Coloridas Artilleria Mejor Amigo Del Hombre Pacifico Asesina. U.S. Adviser Lt. Col. Burr M. Willey of Ayer, Mass., fired his rifle as he moved up Route 13 with a South Vietnamese army unit toward An Loc, besieged provincial capital. Sie wurde als Napalm-Mädchen bekannt und zu einer Ikone gegen den Vietnamkrieg. Nun erhält Kim Phuc Phan Thi, 55, den Dresdner Friedenspreis für ihr Engagement für Kinder in Krisengebieten (Nick Ut/AP) While Ut's color freeze frame of Hilton has made him the answer of a pop-culture trivia quiz, his image of Kim Phúc has become an enduring symbol of the power of photography Warren Beatty once called Ut aside at a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony to spend 30 minutes talking about the Napalm Girl photo. After learning he was the one who took it, actress Joan.

  1. Vietnamese photojournalist Nick Ut shares the story behind Napalm Girl, his harrowing 1972 image that came to symbolise the horrors of an intractable global conflict.. This video has been.
  2. Associated Press photographer Nick Ut, who took the 'Napalm Girl' image during the Vietnam War, has retired The heroic snapper saved nine-year-old Kim Phuc's life after taking the heartbreaking..
  3. Die Vietnamesin war durch ein Foto von Nick Ut weltberühmt geworden. Es zeigt sie 1972 als Neunjährige auf einer Straße - nackt und schreiend mit von Napalm verbrannten Wunden. Dresden (epd). Die als Napalm Girl bekanntgewordene Vietnamesin Kim Phuc Phan Thi ist am Abend des 11. Februar mit dem Dresdner Friedenspreis geehrt worden.
  4. Yet, we remember Napalm Girl as one of the defining photographs of that era, and Nick Ut as a teacher for generations of photojournalists to come. Back in 1972, The New York Times struggled with the decision to put a naked, crying girl whose skin was burning from a Napalm bomb on the front page of their newspaper
  5. LOS ANGELES — It would seem all but impossible to sum up one of the most distinguished careers in photojournalism in only four words, but that's just what Nick Ut 'Napalm Girl' photographer Nick Ut to retire | | rutlandherald.co
  6. Millions have seen Nick Ut's Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of Phan Thi Kim Phuc (pronounced fuke). On June 8, 1972, a napalm bomb was dropped on her village. Phuc, who was just nine-years-old at the time, ran crying from her hiding place in the village temple in Vietnam

Photo of Kim Phuc after a napalm strike in Vietnam. This iconic photograph was taken by Nick Ut and it shows a terrified, naked and burnt Kim Phuc running away from the blaze. Learn the story of this brave girl and the photograph The Napalm Girl South Vietnamese forces follow after terrified children, including 9-year-old Kim Phuc, center, as they run down Route 1 near Trang Bang after an aerial napalm attack on suspected Viet Cong hiding places on June 8, 1972. A South Vietnamese plane accidentally dropped its flaming napalm on South Vietnamese troops and civilians Napalm Girl (historia de una foto) Twitter. Facebook. email . Por Juan Forn | 18/04/2009 | Cultura. Fuentes: Página 12 . La mañana del 8 de junio de 1972 el fotógrafo vietnamita Nick Ut se. 'Napalm Girl' photographer Nick Ut to retire after 51 years with Associated Press The Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer's most famous picture is a stunning black-and-white image from the Vietnam..

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Mar 31, 2017 at 1:40 PM Nick Ut, the Associated Press photographer who took the iconic Napalm Girl photograph nearly 45 years ago during the Vietnam War, retired this week Napalm Girl: Berühmtes Vietnam Das 1972 entstandene Bild des Pressefotografen Nick Ut ist in Geschichtsbüchern auf der ganzen Welt zu finden und zum Sinnbild der Grausamkeiten während des. June 2, 2012 - Newport Beach, CA, USA - 'Napalm Girl' Kim Phuc poses with AP photographer Nick Ut on June 03, 2012 in Newport Beach, California. Phuc was the child depicted in the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph taken during the Vietnam War on June 8, 1972. The iconic photo taken in Trang Bang by ID: CA41RE (RM Nick Ut is a Vietnamese American photographer. He was the photographer who captured the ' Napalm girl ', during the Vietnam War in 1972. Nick was working with the Associated Press during the period. The photograph of the nine-year-old girl running naked through the road and fleeing from the attack shook the world Known simply as napalm girl, the photo transcended the divisive debate about the rights and wrongs of the Vietnam War and crystallized the barbarity of war. It earned Nick Ut a Pulitzer Prize,..


Nick Ut talks about Napalm Girl photo controversy on

  1. The Napalm Girl became cultural shorthand for the atrocities of the Vietnam War and it became evident that America's war in Vietnam was coarse and brutal, even by the standards of 20th century warfare. In 1973, the Pulitzer committee agreed and awarded Nick Ut its prize and in the same year, America's involvement in the war ended. However.
  2. Kim Phuc was the terrified 9-year-old running down a South Vietnamese road after a napalm attack on June 8, 1972, which was captured by Associated Press Photographer Nick Ut
  3. AP Photo/Nick Ut Napalm victim in iconic photo receives medical treatment - in pictures In this Sept. 25, 2015 photo, Kim Phuc shows burn scars on her back and left arm at a hotel in Miami
  4. Dresdner Friedenspreis 2019: Ehrung für das Napalm-Girl Kim Phuc Phan Thi, 2015 in Miami, USA Foto: Nick Ut/ap/dpa Ich wollte sterben, erinnert sie sich. Sie lebt seit 1992 in Kanada.
  5. Napalm girl's photographer Nick Ut walks into Kerala, the 'fish country' Shaju John April 01, 2018 02:00 IST Updated: April 02, 2018 16:41 IST Share Article; PRINT A A A; Shaju John April 01.
  6. On June 8, 1972, AP photographer Nick Ut captured what would become a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo depicting children fleeing a napalm bombing during the Vietnam War. The burned and naked 9-year-old girl, Phan Thị Kim Phúc, became known as Napalm Girl and the image became a symbol of the brutality of war and U.S. involvement in Vietnam
  7. Auf einem Foto aus dem Jahr 1972. Dort war sie neun Jahre alt und floh gerade aus ihrem Dorf Trảng Bàng in Südvietnam. Die Südvietnamesen hatten Napalm abgeworfen, und die Neunjährige erlitt wie viele andere Bewohner schwere Verbrennungen
The Historic 'Napalm Girl' Pulitzer Image Marks Its 40th

The extraordinary photos of Nick Ut, famous for 'Napalm

Die neunjährige Kim Phuc Phan Thi (M) flieht nackt mit ihren Brüdern und Cousins vor einem Napalm-Angriff. Foto: Nick Ut/AP/dpa. Ihre Stiftung baut seit 2002 Schulen, Waisenhäuser und. There were many close calls for Nick Ut while covering the war in Vietnam. When the Americans and South Vietnamese invaded Cambodia in 1970, he was wounded three times: in his stomach, his left leg and in his chest. The highlight of Ut's career came on 8 June 1972, when he photographed Kim Phuc running and screaming down route 1 after her village had been bombed with Napalm by South. Photos: Iconic images from 'Napalm Girl' photographer Nick Ut Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Nick Ut, who retired in March after 51 years with The Associated Press, has taken photos from hell to Hollywood. A look at some of his most Napalm Girl photographer Nick Ut releases other work from Vietnam war | Daily Mail Onlin

My picture led to end of the Vietnam war: 'Napalm Girl

Associated Press Photographer Nick Ut gets a kiss of congratulations from newswoman Edie Lederer in Saigon, May 8, 1973, after it was announced that Ut had won the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for spot news photography. The 22-year-old Vietnamese photographer won the prize for his picture of a young Vietnamese girl fleeing a napalm attack. (AP Photo/Neal Ulevich If you go: Kim Phuc and Nick Ut, who took the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of Phuc running down a road after a napalm attack, will speak at 5:30 p.m. Saturday in the Alumni Lounge of the Pyle.

Napalm Girl photographer Nick Ut releases other work from

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  1. Associated Press photographer Nick Ut took one of the most famous photographs of all time - of a young girl running along a road in Vietnam after a napalm raid. But during his 51 years as a press photographer, Ut worked as a staff photographer, covering many and varied assignment
  2. Text from the AP news story, Nick Ut, AP photographer behind 'Napalm Girl,' to retire, by John Rogers. Follow AP photographers on Twitter. Written content on this site is not created by the editorial department of AP, unless otherwise noted. Nat Castañeda. Visual artist and Digital Storyteller at The Associated Press. Facebook 0 Twitter Reddit Tumblr 0 Likes. Nat Castañeda October 31, 2017.
  3. Napalm Girl - ein Bild - Kinder im Krieg Wahrscheinlich das erste Zeitungsphoto an das ich mich bewusst erinnere. 1972, der Vietnamkrieg, in direktem Anschluß an den Indochinakrieg 1946-54, geht in sein achtzehntes Jahr. Ein Dorf, das von der nordvietnamesischen Armee okkupiert worden war, wird von südvietnamesischen Fliegern mit Napalm bombardiert. Kim Phuc, neun Jahre alt, ist mit.
  4. Nick Ut - Napalm Girl, 1972 It is a photograph taken during the Vietnam War on June 8, 1972. The iconic photo, taken in Trang Bang by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut, shows a nine-year-old girl running naked on a road after being severely burned on her back by a South Vietnamese napalm attack. The girl was later identified as Phan Thi Kim Phuc, and she was among other children in flight.
  5. Nick Ut. The Associated Press. 08 June, 1972. Phan Thi Kim Phuc (center) flees with other children after South Vietnamese planes mistakenly dropped napalm on South Vietnamese troops and civilians. More information about the photo Less information about the photo. About the photographe
  6. 'Napalm girl,' who became symbol of Vietnam War, may see decades of pain eased by laser treatment . The Associated Press | Oct 26, 2015 at 5:40 AM . A 9-year-old Kim Phuc (center) runs down.

In Conversation With Nick Ut, Whose 'Napalm Girl

Huỳnh Công Út, known professionally as Nick Ut, (born March 29, 1951) is a photographer for the Associated Press (AP) who works out of Los Angeles. His best known photo is the Pulitzer Prize-winning picture of Phan Thị Kim Phúc, who was photographed as a naked 9-year-old girl running toward the camera to flee a South Vietnamese napalm attack on the Trảng Bàng village during the. Facebook ist unter heftige Kritik geraten, da es das weltbekannte Kriegsfoto Napalm Girl aus mehreren Posts gelöscht hat. Die Norwegische Zeitung Aftenposten.. Nick Ut Discusses Iconic Vietnam War Photo: Napalm Girl. Published by admin at 28 September 2011. From the hell of the Vietnam War to the red carpets of Hollywood, distinguished war photographer Nick Ut discusses his career. Of the thousands of photographs he has taken in his life, Nick Ut, otherwise known as Hyung Cong Ut, said it is the picture of a naked, injured fear-stricken nine-year-old.

Opinion When a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Tears - The

Legendary photojournalist Nick Ut has captured tens of thousands of images in his five decades with the Associated Press. But his work will undoubtedly be remembered most for the historic Napalm Girl photo from the war in Vietnam. A young Vietnamese girl runs screaming from her village after a napalm bomb was dropped on it. The napalm has. This dramatic Nick Ut Associated Press photo was awarded in 1973 with Pulitzer Prize photography and World Press photo of the year 1973. Shot 1972, printed 1975 (paper snipe with stamped May 1 1975 on reverse). Wire photo. Dimensions - 19.5cm x 26 cm. Rather early print of this photo by Nick Ut of Phan Thi Kim Phúc, the 9 year old girl who was running away after a napalm attack of the South. The 'napalm girl' photograph, taken by AP photographer Nick Ut on June 8, 1972, is one of the 20th century's most icnonic — and haunting — images

Phan Thi Kim Phuc - Wikipedia'Napalm Girl' Photo Turns 40 Video - ABC NewsIconische foto’s | De Vietnam-oorlogLa niña del napalm: Vietnam 1972
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